• Hi, I’m Shafay! •

Growing up in Florida, I developed a deep interest in gardening from a very young age.

My Story

Watching my dad grow tomatoes and over ten other vegetables, I soon realized how special growing your own is.

That’s how my journey started.

When I was only ten, I started questioning my dad. From mango trees to roses, I wanted to learn as much as possible. 

Fast forward to today (nearly ten years later and counting), I have grown over a dozen fruits and vegetables. 

And I want to share everything I learned throughout my journey.

From lawns to roses, hydrangeas to tomatoes, I’ve made it my mission to help people’s gardens thrive.

The best part?

I am not the only one. We have a team of gardeners who will provide the best possible resources.

Our Mission

Here at Fertilizer Knowledge, we plan to educate beginners and seasoned gardeners alike.

Big or small, backyard or balcony, consider us your companion in your gardening journey.

Meet The Team:

Amelia James

From Dallas, Texas. 

Her wonderful performance throughout her school life at Sunset High School shows that she nails everything.

From studies to gardening.

She has been gardening for over five years now and has the best lush lawn on the block. So, Amelia’s experiences will definitely help you out.

Jayden Michael

Jayden knows everything from having a lush green lawn to growing vegetables.

He is from Detroit (Michigan), went to Detroit Catholic Central High School, and later studied at the University of Michigan.

“It was my dream to have a perfect lawn since childhood.”

So, if you want to know what exactly works for Michigan, Jayden has your back!

Happy Gardening!

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